Giver Word Game

GIVER FUN FACTS:   Giver is an orangutan.  Like humans, orangutans have a taste and preference for sweet foods.  They will even brave bee stings to steal honey from hives.. 


Giver and U2Can are going to get together to celebrate the holidays.  Giver was asked to make a centerpiece for the table.  Giver showed ______________ by completing the centerpiece for the table on time.  Try filling in the blank by shading the boxes below that have the letters from the Letter Bank.  GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!. . 


      LETTER BANK:   Z   F   Q   W   V   C    

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Mrs. Karen Conley (Charity Karen)

Ms. Peg O'Kane  
Mrs. Suzanne Todd (Safari Suzanne)  
Your Charity for Change "Giver" Team



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